Monthly Archives: September 2022

Deeply Humbled

Back in January we lost one of our high grade students, not because he quit but because he was no longer able to attend our academy on time due to a change in personal circumstances. Luckily another academy opened up closer to where he lived which meant he could continue his martial arts journey and […]

I want to quit!

“I want to quit.”   As a parent these are not the words you want to hear from your child who has been progressing through their martial arts journey. Globally only 2% of karate students ever make it to black belt, in the UK it is less than this, only 1 in 300 manage it. […]

Well done Mini Ninja’s

We were incredibly impressed by our Mini Ninja class this morning. We worked on our basic stances to improve balance and technique. Every student in this morning class worked incredibly hard and listened to all instructions given. What is amazing about this group of students is just how well behaved they are on the mats […]

Graduations September 2022

We have not posted on our blog for some time. A combination of the covid pandemic and outside commitments have lead to lesss time to make such posts. This weekend however was graduation time for some of our students and they did not dissapoint. Saturday saw our kickboxing students graduate, their fitness levels, techniques and […]