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What should I look for in a martial arts school?


The clubs faciltities should be clean and well organized, if they dont look professional then the service they provide probably isnt either. A modern club should have safety mats on the floor, a well stocked first aid kit, clean toilets and a comfortable veiwing area for parents to sit and watch.



The instructors should want to know why you want to join their school and want to help you to achieve your goals. Instructors should be first aid trained and DBS checked, don’t be afraid to ask. They should be engaging with all student, not just those that show a flaire for the martial arts. All instructors should have a good positive attitude and be personable, courteous and professional.



Look to see if the club is retaining its intermediate and advanced members, if high grade students are sticking around then this is a great indication that the club is doing something right. Talk to the parents of students and find out how long they have trained at the club for and what they like about it.



What should I do if my child wants to quit?

When a child first starts on their martial arts journey, agree short-term goals such as obtaining a specific belt, with an understanding that they will continue and not quit until it is achieved. While the long-term goal is to achieve Black Belt until they have had a chance to understand what it takes to earn a Black Belt, its much better to set more reachable goal. Once a goal has been achieved a new goal can be set and worked towards.

At some point every child will say to you “I don’t want to go to class today, I want to play on my game console, I’m too tired or I’m fed up with Kata” This is a significant point in your child’s training. This is the point that you help teach them about follow through and the never-quit attitude. You may feel worried about “pushing it on your child”. Don’t Be.  What child would go to school, brush their teeth or take a shower if it wasn’t pushed on them. You will be helping them follow through on a goal they agreed to and teaching them the importance of commitment and never giving in.

All children, at some point, will rebel against the effort of coming to training and working toward their goal. This is natural and shouldn’t automatically lead to them quitting. Quitting something when it gets hard can quickly become a bad habit. Instead help them face the challenges, which are inherent in Martial Arts and life and continue to push them towards their goals.


How can I motivate my child to continue?


Continuing to work towards a goal when it gets hard is tough and staying with their goal without quitting is a skill that must be instilled by you. This is the foundation of goal setting and achievement. Quitting is the foundation of under-achieving and failure. Teach your child that it’s the ability to set a goal and see it through to its achievement is the most important thing.

You can help re-motivate your child by reminding them how much they enjoyed the last class, that their friends will be there, remind them how far they have come. Work with the instructor, share theirs and your concerns. Together we can enable your child to reach their goals.