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Instructor Spotlight – Lindsay Franklin

Name – Lindsay Franklin

Age – 48



Your favourite Martial Art and why?

At the moment it’s Kick Boxing. The physicality of it really lets me push myself to my limits (which are different to everyone else’s). With the techniques and combinations I find that when I get it just right, there’s a fluidity to it and it just feels great. And the times when I don’t get it quite right, can lead to some funny moments, reminding myself not to take myself so seriously all the time. I’m allowed to have fun too!


How did you get into martial arts?

I saw a Facebook ad for Chuldow Rothwell Ladies Only Kickboxing class during covid and thought I might to give it a try. I was hesitant though but after speaking with Mr Abad, who made me feel more confident about giving it a try, I attended the two free trial sessions and I’ve never looked back.



What is it bout Martial Arts that you enjoy?

The focus. It takes me away from everything else that’s going on in my life and for that hour, I’m just me. After class I’m usually shattered but feel like I’ve shed some of the baggage I went in with. I also love the camaraderie. We’re in it together and we all encourage each other to keep going and to be proud of what we’ve achieved so far.




How do you think Martial Arts have helped you outside of the academy?

I’m more relaxed. Not sure why but the little things don’t bother me as much. And I’m stronger—the shopping bags feel much lighter these days 😃



What would you say to somebody that had thought about joining us but was worried about their age, fitness or just felt too self-conscious to join?

That I totally understand. I was the same, 46, lacking a bit of confidence in myself and my physical abilities, thinking that martial arts might be intimidating—but it wasn’t at all. Everyone in class was different, and lovely, and Mr Abad and Mrs DA are completely normal (as in, not the martial arts instructor image I had in my head) and supportive people. I’m so glad I plucked up the courage to try it and hope you do too.


What do you enjoy about being an instructor with Chuldow?

Being part of all these amazing peoples martial arts journey. It’s such a privilege. We have all kinds of moments in class, frustration, fun, shyness and such but the best is when something clicks for a student and their face lights up. It’s ace. Seeing them feel that moment of accomplishment after all the hard work, such a great thing to witness.




As a Martial Arts Instructor what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

The last time I was asked this question I was at a job interview, I struggled to answer it then but let’s have a go… This calendar year I would like to complete my black belt graduation in Kick Boxing. Very recently (just this week) I attended my first Karate class and would like to continue that journey, particularly because I’m interested in working with weapons. I’ve attended three weapons seminars and feel that karate will really help me there. From an instructor point of view, I’d still like to be helping out in classes, leading the odd one and possibly assist with graduations too.

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