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Instructor Spotlight – Lindsay Franklin

Name – Lindsay Franklin Age – 48     Your favourite Martial Art and why? At the moment it’s Kick Boxing. The physicality of it really lets me push myself to my limits (which are different to everyone else’s). With the techniques and combinations I find that when I get it just right, there’s a […]

I want to quit!

“I want to quit.”   As a parent these are not the words you want to hear from your child who has been progressing through their martial arts journey. Globally only 2% of karate students ever make it to black belt, in the UK it is less than this, only 1 in 300 manage it. […]

Tuesday high grades

I dont highlight this class as often as I should, somehow I always forget to take photo’s on a Tuesday which inevitably means that tuesday classes get forgotten about when i want to highlight their effort either on here. I have been impressed tonight by all the classes tonight, every class worked super hard  and […]

Amazing Classes Tonight

There are on occasion, when no matter how bad a day you have had that the martial arts class you instruct will lift your spirits immensly. Every child and adult in tonights classes gave it everything they had and were an absolubt joy to teach. It is great to see the progression each and every […]

1st week back

Wow! What a week. It is always a little daunting coming back after the Christmas break not knowing if students will have forgotten everything or not. It takes quite a lot to impress me and i can honestly say my students have been fantastic. Lots of effort all round in preperation for our graduations next […]

Thank you and Merry Christmas

We would like to thank all our students, parents and carers for another fantastic year. We say it every year and I think it is important to let you know how very privileged we feel to instruct at Rothwell. As some of our much longer serving members will know Mrs Dyson-Abad and myself actually got […]

First blog post

Welcome to Chuldow rothwell blog. This is the first post ever made on this site and at the time of writing this the website has not even been published yet as I am waiting to ensure I can transfer my Domain safely. It is my hope that this blog will be a great asset to […]