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Instructor Spotlight – Mr Findlay

Your favourite martial art and why?

My favourite martial art changes most weeks but I do feel I personally gain more from Kickboxing and feel the physical effects after class.

How did you get into martial arts?

I received a leaflet for a free trial back when Mr Kelly and Miss mac were running Chuldow Martial Arts Rothwell, I came down for my first free lesson and fell in love straight away.

What is it about martial arts that I enjoy?

I enjoy martial arts because it is a fun way of exercise that is challenging and improves self-discipline. It is also a wonderful way of making friends and there are many different pathways which makes everyone’s martial arts journey different.

How do you think martial arts have helped you outside the academy?

Martial arts has affected me in a myriad of ways such as helping me stay focused on a task, being more confident and has made me better at dealing with stressful situations.

What would you say to somebody that had thought about joining us but was worried about their age, fitness or just felt too self-conscious to join?

Firstly, age does not matter there are a variety of ages that attend classes, and everybody gets on with one and other. Secondly fitness is not an issue the instructors will work with you to your level and allow you to do exercises that work for you. If you are feeling self-conscious about joining a class your always welcome to come and have a conversation with one of the instructors.

What do you enjoy about being an instructor with Chuldow?

I enjoy sharing my skills with younger students, I learn a lot from the older students when I am teaching, and it helps me fill the gaps in my knowledge.

As a martial arts instructor what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I aim to keep teaching classes and get my black belt in Kickboxing and hope to start my own academy at university when I go.

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