Monthly Archives: January 2023

Chuldow Rothwell Gains Safeguarding Award

At Chuldow Martial Arts – Rothwell, the well-being and safety of our students is and always has been at the forefront of everything we do. Our ethos has always been to be fully inclusive and ensure our students have as safe an environment to train in a possible. We strive to be the best we […]

Instructor Spotlight – Lindsay Franklin

Name – Lindsay Franklin Age – 48     Your favourite Martial Art and why? At the moment it’s Kick Boxing. The physicality of it really lets me push myself to my limits (which are different to everyone else’s). With the techniques and combinations I find that when I get it just right, there’s a […]

Instructor Spotlight – Emily Dempster

Name – Emily Dempster  Age-12          Your favourite Martial Art and why? Karate, because I love how technical and precise each move is. I like how it teaches you discipline and respect.   How did you get into martial arts? I was 5 years old and wanted to find a club to […]

Instructor Spotlight – Mr Findlay

Your favourite martial art and why? My favourite martial art changes most weeks but I do feel I personally gain more from Kickboxing and feel the physical effects after class. How did you get into martial arts? I received a leaflet for a free trial back when Mr Kelly and Miss mac were running Chuldow […]

Instructor Spotlight – Mr Abad

Name             Joey Abad Age 45   Your favourite Martial Art and why? My favourite martial art is Karate. Do not get me wrong, I love kickboxing but the discipline and focus that karate brings is something that kickboxing cannot compete with. When I am truly focused on a kata, anything that is going on in […]