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Instructor Spotlight – Mr Abad


Joey Abad




Your favourite Martial Art and why?

My favourite martial art is Karate. Do not get me wrong, I love kickboxing but the discipline and focus that karate brings is something that kickboxing cannot compete with. When I am truly focused on a kata, anything that is going on in my head just disappears. Only the kata matters.


How did you get into martial arts?

My martial arts journey started at the age of twelve in Mirfield. I attended a karate class quit after my second class. I lacked discipline and really did not enjoy the experience. Fast forward about 25 years, I was now married and had a son who had difficulty with his confidence. I joined a local karate club with my son, and we did this together for about 1 year, but we ended up leaving as the club struggled to hold graduations. After some time, we discovered Chuldow Martial Arts and never looked back.


What is it bout Martial Arts that you enjoy?

Everything! I love the fact that unlike other sports I am only ever competing with myself and striving to be better than the week before. I love the variation of each class, one week might be more focused on fitness and bag blasting and the next week could be kata, drills, or sparring.



How do you think Martial Arts have helped you outside of the academy?

Chuldow martial arts has changed my life in every way possible. It is probably a bit of a cliché but setting aside the fitness and self defence side of things, I am now far more confident, disciplined, and focused than I have ever been. Martial arts changed me for the better.


What would you say to somebody that had thought about joining us but was worried about their age, fitness or just felt too self-conscious to join?

Just do it. You can never be too old or too unfit Feeling self-conscious? So did I when I began with my son but sometimes you must step outside of your comfort zone to grow as a person. In fact, I know most martial artists who began as adults would tell you the same thing. Find an academy with a great reputation and book a free trial!


What do you enjoy about being an instructor with Chuldow?

Everything. I love watching my students grow and progress in their chosen martial art. When you see have a student step onto the mats for the first time and they are lacking in confidence and you slowly see them begin gain their confidence, well that to me is absolutely amazing to see.

Being able to be a part of changing somebodies’ life through martial arts is a true privilege and I am blessed to be able to play my part in it.


As a Martial Arts Instructor what do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

A lot can happen in 5 years. I think I would like larger premises and more students. Perhaps be able to employ an instructor of two so I can take things a little easier.

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