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Tuesday high grades

I dont highlight this class as often as I should, somehow I always forget to take photo’s on a Tuesday which inevitably means that tuesday classes get forgotten about when i want to highlight their effort either on here. I have been impressed tonight by all the classes tonight, every class worked super hard  and listened well.

But tonight i want to highlight our high grade karate class which hosts our younger high grades. These children are awsome, I probably dont tell them this as often as I should. most have been training with us since 4 years old and are progressing onto Chinto…. Chinto!!

Tonight i saw some of the best press ups I have ever seen a child do, Alfie those press ups were fantastic. I saw students digesting and learning Japanese terminology and performing complex combinations and techniques called out in Japanese.

Our youngest student in this class is just 7 years old and doing things that much older students find difficult. Whilst I am not going to say this is an easy class to teach, it is one of the most rewarding especially when they work as hard as they have tonight.

Keep working hard!


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