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Our 6 principles are more important than ever.

These have been some of the most stressful and trying times we have all had to face. It is understandable that people are frightened and in self-preservation mode as we have never experienced times like this in our lifetimes.

With the above in mind I have been looking to the 6 principles of Chuldow martial arts and for how they can be applied to the situation we all find ourselves in.



Persevere in all we do guys, if you are self employed do not give up hope, try to adapt and change with the times and do everything to come out of the over side. If we just roll over and give in then we have already lost. Never give in and never surrender as a wise man once said.



Have some self-control when you are out shopping, don’t let fear get the better of you and succumb to panic buying. We are all responsible for our own actions and capable of self-control. If everybody just took a moment to think and step back a little maybe the shelves in our stores would not be empty.



Lets all keep our chins up and not let some virus break our spirits. Let us practice our martial arts together online, let us look after the most vulnerable in our communities and let us not give in to fear and selfishness. Most of all let us help other do the same, so many people are affected by depression and mental illness, let our positive mindsets help others.



Be courteous and considerate. That person in Morrisons in 4 packs of loo roll may be buying for the elderly who cannot leave their houses. Let us not be rude or hostile to each other, especially when we do not know each other’s situations. Manners and good will to one another don’t cost a penny but may go a long way to cheering somebody up who is going through hell.



Let us not allow ourselves to be drawn into petty arguments, even if you think you are in the right. We are all doing the best we can in times that quite frankly none of us have lived through before. Let us not lower our own standards of behaviour through fear, we are all better than this. Let us be the example that other people, especially our children need us to be.



Let us be humble about all we have. If we have nice houses, good health and hefty bulging wallets let us recognise we have worked hard for this but most of all been very lucky and fortunate. Let us not boast about our fortunate circumstances but instead offer help to all those we are able to.




Stay healthy, stay safe and look after each other.


Mr Abad

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